The premium tilt and turn (double actions) Marquise window was designed to meet the residential, commercial and institutional markets. By its design, we can, at once, to swing the window or open it as a fighter to the INSIDE of the house. Those many advantages allow us to achieve higher performance to the current market, as the energy and structural level. It is designed with a 4 1/2 ” frame completely inforced without molding.

In addition to the different possible configurations (French open, bellows, emergency exit), we also offer the Tilt door – Sliding, allowing complete opening of the opening section. also available with integrated steel reinforcement in the frame and pane.

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  • Frame, sash and mullion completely inforced from steel reinforcement inserted and screwed into each extrusions for high structural performance.
  • Fixed or operative configuration is offering tested dimensions that exceed the current windows on the market.
  •  FerGUard premium hardware hides the hinges inside the frame.
  • Welded rigid PVC frame (4 1/2 “) and 80mm wide sash.
  • Continuous weatherstrip on the frame and the sash.
  • Aluminum exterior screen.
  • Concealed hinges, 95° inside opening

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Sealed unit
  • Double sealed unit of 1″ overall thickness.
  • Triple sealed unit of 1 3/8� overall thickness.
  • Sungate 400 Low-E glass with Argon gas
  • Swisspacer interlayer high performance available in black, gray, bronze or white.
  • Additional options : Tinted, Frosted glass, Reflectant, Tempered glass, etc


Mutin bars
Grills can be integrated into the contour of thermal windows or hung in the interior of the thermal window and may be painted (interior or exterior) to match with the window itself:












  • Triple Energetic Glass
  • Hardware for interior opening of the 180 degree flaps (visible hinges)
  • Hardware for several configurations: Tilt-turn, French window, bellows window, Doors
  • Emergency exit window (Egress standard)
  • Color color for handle: Satin silver, black, white
  • Exterior moldings and interior extensions

PDF model moldings Marquise

  • Opening Optimizer
  • Operating aperture for windows
  • Integrated tarpaulin and barrotin
  • Choice of infinite colors, painted at Abritek

TILT AND TURN (double actions)
Harmonized standards: (NAFS) : AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440-08 : Class CW-CP100-DAW Tested dimension of : 47 x 71 po
(Commercial class, max. performance reached is PC100)
Airtightness: A3 / Water resistance : 730 PA (15.0 psf)
CSA A440-00 : A3-B7-C5-F20

Fixed windows
Harmonized standards: (NAFS) : AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440-08 : Class CW-CP100-FW Tested dimension of : 71 x 71 po
(Commercial class, max. performance reached is PC100)
Airtightness : FIXE / Water resistance : 730 PA (15.0 psf)
CSA A440-00 : FIXE-B7-C5

ENERGY STAR Certifications

LEED certifications

Further results are available and vary depending on the combination of the sealed unit website: