The 4675 awning and awning system is designed with a 41/2 “molded frame and a colonial type flap or a contemporary flap. This frame without moldings leaves you the choice in front of your exterior finish: Aluminum, wood, Canexel … The window is also available with a 6 9/16 “- 4775 series, allowing to position the Thermos in the hot part of the wall as recommended by the New Building Code.
Also available: A fixed window that is designed from a 4 1/2 “frame without shutter – series 4467 and a fixed window that is designed from a 6 9/16” frame without shutter – series 4487.


The combination of the frame and the flap of our products are developed to withstand temperatures up to -30  Celsius without altering the structural performance of the window.

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  • Frame and shutter made of rigid PVC welded to corners – 4 1/2 “or 6 9/16”
  • Triple Cylinder
  • J 1/2 “and J 3/4” integrated into the frame
  •  Flap inside the insulated part of the bulkhead
  • Reinforced multipoint opening mechanism
  • Inside-side aluminum mosquito net


Sealed unit
Sealed unit
  • Double sealed unit of 7/8″ (21.7mm) overall thickness.
  • Triple sealed unit of 1 ¼” (31.1mm) overall thickness.
  • 3.2mm glass
  • Sungate 400 Low-E glass with Argon gas
  • Intercept Interlayer in stainless steel
  • Additional options : Tinted, Frosted glass, Reflectant, Tempered glass, etc.
Mutin bars
Grills can be integrated into the contour of thermal windows or hung in the interior of the thermal window and may be painted (interior or exterior) to match with the window itself.











  • Contemporary (flat) or colonial
  • Crank Handle

manivelle encore

  • Surfaces bonded to the surface
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Load Opening
  • Egress Hinges
  • Internal extensions: Pine, Pine covered PVC or 100% PVC

Pin Pin recouvert de pvc 100% pvc

  • Choice of various colors, painted at Abritek
  • Inner finish in natural wood or imitation wood
  • Multiple moldings with external coating PDF models moldings PVC

Casement window 
Harmonized standards:(NAFS) : AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440-08 : Class LC-CP70-C Tested dimension of : 36 x 72 po
(Class semi-commercial)
Airtightness : A3 / Water resistance: 720 PA (15.0 psf)
CSA A440-00 : A3-B7-C5-F20

Awning Window
Harmonized standards: (NAFS) : AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440-08 : Class LC-CP65-AP Tested dimension of : 47 x 32 po
(Class semi-commercial)
Airtightness : A3 / Water resistance : 730 PA (15.0 psf)
CSA A440-00 : A3-B7-C5-F10

Norme harmonisée (NAFS) : AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440-08 : Classe CW-CP50-FW Dimensions à l’essai : 72 x 72 po
(Classe commercial)
Infiltration d’air : FIXE / Étanchéité à l’eau : 720 PA (15.0 psf)
Niveaux CSA A440-00 : FIXE-B7-C5

ENERGY STAR Certifications

LEED certifications

Energy Rating ER Casement Awning Fixed
Double sealed unit 1 Low-E+Gaz 31 / zone 1|2 31 / zone 1|2 38 / zone 1|2|3
Triple sealed unit 1 Low-E+Gaz 34 / zone 1|2|3 33 / zone 1|2 42 / zone 1|2|3
Further results are available and vary depending on the combination of the sealed unit website: