The Double Guillotine Eco-Window System (4000-ECO Series) and Double Sliding System (4100-ECO Series) is designed with a 4 1/2″ molded frame and two removable flaps.

In addition to being practical for maintenance, these windows can be useful in order to give you a full opening when the shutters are removed.

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Other Color(s)
image couleurs
  • 4 1/2 “frame and shutter made of rigid PVC welded to corners – 4 1/2” or 6 9/16 “
  • Triple Cylinder
  • J 1/2 “and J 3/4” integrated into the frame/
  • Flap with springs for guillotine and with castors for sliding
  • Lifting handle integrated into flapbarrure guillotine coulissant
  • HARDWARE / Lock with double anchorage.
  • Aluminum mosquito outside

coulissant guillotine double

Sealed unit
Sealed unit
  • Double sealed unit of 7/8″ (21.7mm) overall thickness.
  • Triple sealed unit of 1 ¼” (31.1mm) overall thickness.
  • 3.2mm glass
  • Sungate 400 Low-E glass with Argon gas
  • Intercept Interlayer in stainless steel
  • Additional options : Tinted, Frosted glass, Reflectant, Tempered glass, etc.
Mutin bars
Grills can be integrated into the contour of thermal windows or hung in the interior of the thermal window and may be painted (interior or exterior) to match with the window itself








  • Multiple moldings with external coating PDF modèles moulures PVC
  • Barrotins glued on the surface
  • Load Opening
  • Internal extensions: Pin, Pin covered with PVC or 100% PVC

Pin Pin recouvert de pvc 100% pvc

  • Choice of various colors, painted at Abritek
  • Full size or half size mosquitos net , Inside-side aluminum mosquito net

Double Hung window 
Harmonized standards(NAFS) : AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440-08 : Class R-CP50-H Tested dimension of : 40 x 63 po
(Residential class)
Airtightness: A3 / Water resistance : 730 PA (15.0 psf)
Level CSA A440-00 : A3-B7-C3-F20

Double Slider window
Harmonized standards(NAFS) : AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440-08 : Class R-CP40-HS Tested dimension of : 63 x 44 po
(Residential class)
Airtightness: A3 / Water resistance : 510 PA (10.5 psf)
Level CSA A440-00 : A3/F-B4-C4-F20

ENERGY STAR Certifications

LEED certifications
Energy rating ER Hung Slider
Double sealed unit 1 Low-E + Gaz 31 / zone 1|2 31 / zone 1|2
Triple sealed unit 1 Low-E + Gaz 34 / zone 1|2|3 34 / zone 1|2|3
Further results are available and vary depending on the combination of the sealed unit website