Bay Windows

The projecting windows of 3 modules (Window Bay) and 4 or 5 modules (bow window) can be designed from PVC windows without integrated moldings and hybrid models, excluding sliding and tilt-and-turn windows. They adapt to the particularities of your home and are formed from different angles according to the needs.

The frames and shutters are developed to withstand temperatures up to -30  Celsius without altering the structural performance of the windows.

These window configurations can not be designed with a 6 9/16 “frame.

Other Color(s)
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Sealed unit
Sealed unit
  • Double sealed unit of 7/8″ (21.7mm) overall thickness.
  • Triple sealed unit of 1 ¼” (31.1mm) overall thickness.
  • 3.2mm glass
  • Sungate 400 Low-E glass with Argon gas
  • Intercept Interlayer in stainless steel
  • Additional options : Tinted, Frosted glass, Reflectant, Tempered glass, etc
Mutin bars
Grills can be integrated into the contour of thermal windows or hung in the interior of the thermal window and may be painted (interior or exterior) to match with the window itself.












  • PDF models moldings PVC
  • Intérieur en bois (Disponible pour fenêtre à battant seulement)
    Essences disponibles: Pin, chêne, érable, merisier. *Teinture au choix du client / Vernis*
  • Contemporary (flat) or colonial
  • Fold Handle or Crank Handle

poignee pliante manivelle encore

  • Surfaces bonded to the surface
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Load Opening
  • Egress Hinges
  • Internal extensions: Pine, Pine covered PVC or 100%

Pin Pin recouvert de pvc 100% pvc

  • Choice of various colors, painted at Abritek
  • Inner finish in natural wood or imitation wood

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