Interior window condensation is a phenomena caused by a high level of humidity in your home and not due to the conception nor to the installation of your windows. A variety of Internet sites are available to provide ideal tips for prevention and complete explanations to prevent and deal with condensation. :
PDF: Improving Window Energy Efficiency
PDF: Air and moisture (Click sill to sash)
The appearance of exterior window condensation is also common and triggered by certain weather conditions. Furthermore, high performance energy systems seem to increase the incidence. (Click sill to sash)
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Thermal breakage is a glass fissure or crack, which occurs on your interior side windows and is often caused by drastic temperature variations.

More and more, doors and windows manufacturers strongly suggest the use of high-energy window systems to reduce energy costs while improving the client’s quality of living. The choice of LOW E Argon Gas in your products is an important energy choice to consider at purchase.
What is a LOW-E Argon Fill
It is glass covered with a metallic microscopic finish, which reflects heat. With the addition of ARGON we obtain a sealed unit contributing to the isolation factor and therefore reducing energy loss.
During the winter months, the heat of your home is reflected inward in such a manner as to make you save energy. During the summer months, heat is reflected towards the exterior of your residence in order to maintain room coolness in great heat.

Choosing your interior\exterior colors for your Window and Doors is an option gaining in popularity. As such, Abritek has acquired a paint room to establish a high quality finished product. High standard quality training has been followed by our painters and is upgraded every year to respond to the ever-changing norms in this sector. Partner of Lechler Canada

Our paints are water based and meet the most demanding criteria in terms of environment. This ecology-based technology allows us to obtain a durable finish in all atmospheric conditions, resistant to natural abrasives, discoloration and humidity. In addition, this paint requires no specific maintenance. ** It is important to never use strong detergents or solvent based cleaners to clean painted surfaces.


For several years, Abritek has been concerned with environmental issues. A rigorous control has been developed to reduce waste to a minimum. All waste from the use of primary raw materials during production and others are sent to centers specific to recuperation. Specifically, PVC, aluminum, cardboard, paper and paint are recycled. Certain products are re-used for other means such as wood, mosquito netting fiber and the cut-out of the doors.



ENERGY STAR® Windows Guarantee Energy Efficiency
Windows and doors can be a major source of heat loss in Canadian homes, so it’s a good idea to keep energy efficiency in mind when buying new or replacement units. Inefficient windows and doors not only waste energy and money, they also contribute to increased greenhouse gas emissions that are contributing to climate change.

In the case of windows and sliding glass doors, selecting energy-efficient models is easy – just look for the familiar ENERGY STAR mark, the symbol of energy efficiency across North America.

A map on the ENERGY STAR label will show the Canadian climate zone or zones for which a product is ENERGY STAR qualified. Locate the zone you live in, and if the product is ENERGY STAR qualified for that zone, you’ve found a winner – a product whose thermal performance has been certified by an independent third party accredited by the Standards Council of Canada. Of course, professional installation is important to ensure that the product delivers on its promise of energy efficiency.

Energy-efficient windows and doors do more than save you money and help the environment. They can also keep your home more comfortable year-round, reduce noise penetration from the outdoors, and alleviate condensation problems on the glass panes in homes with higher humidity levels.

Look for the ENERGY STAR symbol to identify the most energy-efficient products and take action on climate change. For more information on the ENERGY STAR international symbol or tips on energy efficient products.

CSA international test products for compliance to national and international standards, and issue certification marks for qualified products. Certification marks tell potential customers and users that a product has been evaluated by a formal process-involving examination, testing and follow-up inspection-and that it complies with applicable standards for safety and performance. In the market for doors and windows, standards A, B, C and F determine the performance of each product.

CSA certified windows and doors are products which help save energy and offer greater peace of mind to consumers-due to the credibility of third party certification. Many CSA building material and structural products standards are referenced in national and provincial building codes. CSA International is your trusted, recognized source for fast, efficient certification.
Standard A: Airtightness, A1 to A3 (A3 being the highest standard available)
Standard B: Water resistance, B1 to B7 (B7 being the highest standard available).
Standard C: Wind-load resistance: C1 to C5 (C5 being the highest standard available).
Standard F: Forced entry, F10 to F20 (F20 being the highest standard available).


As part of its Quality control program, Abritek has implemented a specialized procedure of three stages:
a) Inspection of all raw materials upon delivery.
b) Criteria established at each post on the production line. Personnel must apply particular criteria to each product.
c) A final and complete quality control evaluation is applied and a quality insurance form is completed prior to ship the           final product.
Any possible production errors or problems are thus eliminated. In addition, Abritek employs its own delivery system, greatly reducing the risk of external scratch as their vehicles are adapted to their vast range of products.

The installation is a very important stage to obtain a maximal effiency of your Abritek’s products.
It is essential that your installer detains a RBQ license and refers to the requirements of the current building code.
Here are some additional recommandations

1) When installing, the product must be squared and set level in the center of the rought opening. Make sure the header, the sill and jambs are straight. For the door, ensure the space around the steel panel door and the frame is uniform and parallel on all sides. Additional checks.

2) Fill the space between the product and the structure by using fiberglass insulation or apolyurethane foam with LOW EXPANSION. BEWARE : Do not put excessive insulation material.

  • Steel door installation
  • Patio door installation
  • Window installation

Abritek products are low maintenance. However, certain recommendations should be followed:
Short term :
Following the installation of your windows and doors, a thorough washing is recommended. It is important to effectively remove all possible residues of urethane, cement and of brick from your new products. An annual cleaning is necessary to prevent the accumulation of dirt which could affect the functioning of the door mechanisms. Do not use abrasive cleaning products as they could alter the proper functioning of the product. An annual lubrification of all locks, mechanisms and door hinges will maintain easy opening function of your windows and doors. Use a silicone based aerosol. Also, you must open each window to verify the good operation, you close it and you keep it lock.

Wood Products: Stain and varnish wood as soon as possible upon reception of your windows and doors.

Windows mosquito netting can be removed during the winter season to prevent interior condensation on glass surfaces.
Long term : Check for cracks or openings (caulking) where water might enter, especially where siding butts to the exterior window casing and undersill. If necessary, sealants must be replaced to avoid leaks and the overall deterioration of your products. **Careful not to block any drainage valves.

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